The Beginners Guide to Edibles

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Interestingly enough, long before the mistake of cannabis prohibition, edibles and drinkables were popular for thousands of years. Emperors in ancient China drank cannabis tea, Hindus drank a concoction of warm milk, marijuana, and ginger called Bhang, and nomadic tribes in Morocco ate hash jam. More recently, if you wanted to enjoy marijuana in edible form your options were limited. The meagre existence of pot-infused grub consisted of overcooked brownies and cookies that tasted more like ganja than anything else. Thankfully, with legalization becoming a reality in both North America and other parts of the world, edibles have been able to make a comeback complete with a menu of delicious options. Examples are as follows,

Cannabis Oil

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Cannabis oil in its endless forms is probably the most popular way to ingest our favourite little plant. Any type of oil that exists on its own can be infused with marijuana and the result is an ingredient that can be added when cooking all meals that call for an oil base. Popular forms include coconut and olive oil which can also be used as a topical for dry skin.


If you are always the odd one out when everyone is drinking wine, beer, or scotch at a party then have no fear because drinkable marijuana exists and it’s delicious. Any liquid that is a popular beverage can be infused with Mary Jane. This bevy of beverages includes lemonade, iced tea, hot tea, cider, coffee, and even sports drinks as well. Not only do beverages act as a discreet way to medicate, many of them come in drink mix form, so they do not get old or melt when you are waiting to enjoy them on hot summer day.


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Undoubtedly this form of cannabis candy continues to dominate the edibles industry. Gummies are exactly what you think they are, a squishy, sugary, often fruit-flavoured treat, which can come in many shapes and sizes. Gummies can also pack quite a punch with a lot of marijuana infused into such a tiny space, so if your goal is to get really high for an extended period of time, this may be your go to product. However, if you like to go low and slow, which is recommended, make sure to check the package so you are aware of just how much to ingest. If you are looking for a harder candy, suckers or lollipop are always an option awell.


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It’s hard to believe that chocolate can get any better than it is already, but by adding marijuana it truly does. When ingested, this dessert can offer a fantastic, smooth high, depending on the strain of pot that has been chosen. Cannabis-infused chocolate comes in bar form, as delicious truffles, and even sometimes in fondue.


This adults-only treat will bring you back to the days of enjoying a bowl of the good stuff while watching Saturday morning cartoons. Many products exist in this realm of goodness including cereal bars made of fan favourites like Cap’n Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, and various others. If you’re hankering for a healthier option, a good ol’ bowl of granola can be what’s on the menu.


Nothing takes the sting out of a rough day than some tea sweetened with cannabis honey. This natural product is a healthy, delicious way to enjoy cannabis and is incredibly versatile as well. It can be used when cooking, added to drinks, spread on toast, or simply eaten on its own with a spoon.

In the end no matter what you choose there are many benefits to ingesting weed opposed to other methods. The high that comes along with cannabis cuisine can last significantly longer and can be more powerful in terms of its effects. More importantly, you completely eliminate inhaling.  But, no matter how you choose to eat or drink your weed, this time that we live in allows for a long list of choices available to consumers. Just like human beings who enjoyed their cannabis edibles thousands of years ago, we can have our pot and eat it too.


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