A Guide To Discreet Cannabis

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If you live with other people that don’t want to be involved in your smoking, or you’re a parent of young children, regardless you want to be discreet.

Thankfully, the diverse world of weed allows for a vast array of consumption methods for those of us who need to keep our dope on the down-low. Marijuana users are constantly looking for different locations and methods of ingesting their favourite herb.

Be Honest

Our first choice and the way to make things extremely easy, is to be honest about your marijuana use to your kids or whoever else you are keeping it from. If your kids don’t know what it is already, inevitably that will change throughout the years. Cannabis reform is now widely accepted, especially in Canada considering we are on the verge of legalizing recreational marijuana. With a substance safer than alcohol lets challenge the stigma. Proper regulations allow parents and other adults to regularly consume beer, wine, coolers and cocktails in front of children and adults. Why should cannabis be any different?


The easiest and most inconspicuous method of ingestion would be the cannabis drink. The great thing about these refreshments is that they rarely have that potent marijuana smell, if the kids see you drinking one they won’t know whats hiding in your beverage. These liquids come in many forms, including hot and cold tea, coffee, cider, lemonade, and even sports drinks. To maintain a great low-level buzz take little sips over the period of a few hours.


Edibles are a way to have your cannabis cake and eat it too.

Marijuana edibles come in an endless parade of shapes, sizes, colours, and potency. Everything from gummy’s to hard candy, cereal bars, chocolate and much more. The challenge with edibles and having children around is that they may ask you for a piece if they see you eating something treat-related. Sometimes, depending on the edible in question, there can be a mild smell of cannabis. In many cases you wouldn’t smell any difference between a candy with weed in it and one without, until you tried it and experienced the effects.

Vape Pens

If you don’t wish to ingest your cannabis the next viable choice would be the vape pen. The great thing about most vape pens, disposable or otherwise, is that they usually have fragrant smells or sometimes even no smell at all. Plus, the leftover aroma seemingly dissipates much quicker then the lingering odour of a joint or even a handheld vaporizer. Obviously, if your goal is to not have anyone see you vaping or smoking, you may have to be discreet by simply re locating.

No matter how you choose to consume your bud, a diverse selection exists at the click of a button.

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