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Zombie Kush

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Zombie Kush is an indica dominant hybrid strain. This strain is a blend between Sideral and Bubba Kush. Zombie Kush is a mind numbing strain that can definitely help you put your mind to ease. The relaxing effects will help you focus on what you’re doing while the sedation slowly kicks in. The slow trickle down effect is nice if you aren’t looking for something to knock you out right away! Zombie Kush is by no means a light weight indica, but it does help ease you into the medicated zone. Zombie first kicks in behind your eyes and helps lift your mind adding focus and motivation where needed. And slowly but surely this will fade into a head high, taking you into a state of euphoria. A relaxed heavy body high comes next getting you to that couch lock zone and helping you fade away into the night! Zombie Kush is a perfect strain to help combat stress, insomnia, chronic pain, depression and appetite loss.