THC Distillate

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THC Distillate by ClearLife Extracts

Despite prohibition, the scientific evolution of marijuana has become so much more than the leafy green buds seen in popular culture everywhere. Through the manufacturing of its derivatives cannabis lovers are able to experiment with extraction. Cannabis extract is the manufacturing of a solvent free concentration, a procedure that involves making THC distillate also called steam distillation. The process of extraction involves using steam and heat to manipulate boiling points, the compounds are then separated from the plant material. The material may pass through what is called short-path distillation many times and the final result is a vicious, sap-like liquid. This technique is used in many industries, including the fragrance and essential oil sector.

So what makes distilled cannabis so popular? To put into perspective, generally a single bud of weed has the THC content of between fifteen to twenty-five percent. With the extraction method, this allows the final product to be anywhere between ninety to ninety – nine percent THC. That’s quadruple your THC content! This product is odourless and flavourless which allows for discreet usage, incorporate it into any baking or cuisine with no residual flavour or aroma.

THC distillate is available in multiple forms so consumers have numerous options. Examples include vaping, eating, tinctures, with a growing number of other applications. The effects can be felt almost immediately because the THC has already been activated through the extraction process. Many of these products are available for delivery discreetly, easily and of high quality or potency. When it comes to THC you would be hard – pressed to find a more superior product made from the marijuana plant. In the end, a simple first choice for cannabis enthusiasts.

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